Styling Your Fall Photos

I insist on having family photos done each year since having Emilia.  She just changes so much that I want to document her childhood professionally, at least once a year!  Even though my husband complains a bit and I completely stress out about what we are going to wear, we are always so happy to have the final product! 

This year was no different.  I had two totally different visions of what I wanted our photos to look like.  Which means I definitely bought two different outfits for Emilia and I (sorry, Dan!).  But after much wavering back and forth, I am SO happy I went with the outfits (and vision) I did.

Here are some of my tips for styling your family photos:

1. Determine your vision.  Do you see yourselves in a field with a more ethereal vibe?  If so, your outfits are probably not going to be jeans and flannels ;)

2. Choose your outfit first.  We are our own worst critics right?  I know I am, and so when I found the perfect dress at Anthropologie for me, I knew I could make everyone else fit the mold.

3. Photograph your littles in their outfits.  This was HUGE for me.  I was still undecided on what Emilia should wear, then I saw a picture of her in the dress in boots I choose.  It was a game changer.  There was no longer any discussion (in my head, with myself haha).  She looked so adorable in the outfit and I already knew it photographed well.

4. Make sure your husband is comfortable.  For Dan, he had his sweater and jeans already hanging in the closet.  And unlike me, he doesn't feel the need to get something new and special for pictures!  But, I did get him some new boots to fit in with our outdoorsy vibe we were going for. I am so, so glad I did because our photographer caught the cutest shoe pic of all three of us that is now hanging in our house!

5. Finally, stick with your gut.  As we were walking out the door, Dan joked that I looked like Wendy from Peter Pan.  Thanks babe, you are so awesome ;) But I knew my nightgown-like dress was going to photograph well.  I knew our kid looked cute as can be.  And I made sure Dan was looking handsome as ever.  So I was confident in our look and excited for the shoot!

Here are some of our favorite shots and I provided outfit details below.  Emilia's dress is on major sale!  Mine is no longer available from Anthropologie :( but I linked some similar styles! Photos by Shan Cait Photography.