Holiday Gift Guide from Nordstrom

If you are anything like me, when you walk through Nordstrom you can find just about 1,000 things you would love to gift to your mom, sisters, best friends, kids' teachers, or even yourself! But sometimes when it comes down to it--the moment to actually shop--you come up empty! To hopefully help you out a bit this season, I've compiled my must have gift guide for all the lucky ladies in your life. These are some of my personal favorites, and some things that are on my *wish list*. No matter who you are shopping for, I hope this little guide gives you some inspo and makes your holiday season a little less stressful!

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Pullover | Earrings | Mantraband | Leggings | Pullover | Mule | Necklace | Slipper | Clutch | Jeans

1. Zella Pullover--This is on my wishlist this year.  Zella is my go-to work out brand and this pull over looks perfect for wearing to and from the gym orrrrrr just wearing everywhere ;)

2. Nordstrom Earrings--I have these in gold and silver and wear them every day! They are beautiful and great quality.  Unless you are lucky enough to have gorgeous 2ct diamonds, these are the perfect alternative!

3. Mantra Band--I have two Mantra Bands that I absolutely love! They are my go-to gift for teachers and friends right now because they are cute, meaningful, and the price is right! I have the "Choose Joy" band because Isla's middle name is Joy and the "Though she be but little, she is fierce" because this quote has represented Emilia since the day she was born to me!

4. Zella Lived-in Leggings--I am embarrassed to admit how many pairs I have of these.  Can I get an amen for high-waisted leggings mamas?!? Yeah, don't think I need to say more ;)

5. Madewell Sweater--This is another item on my wishlist! And it is on sale right now! I am obsessed with mustard this season, and the draping detail on the back of this sweater is seriously too good!

6. Steve Madden Mules--Also on my wishlist! I have been searching for a good pair of mules this season, and the look and price is right with these Steve Maddens. Gold has been my neutral this season when it comes to shoes and these are perfect!

7. Kate Spade Initial Necklace--This is also on sale right now! Run! I don't personally have this, but I have gifted it! It was a huge hit for my sister's birthday this year. It is dainty with a bold font. I love wearing things that have special meaning, and I think an initial necklace is the perfect gift for a new mom or newlywed this year!

8. Ugg Slippers--I hate to admit this, but I get a new pair of these probably every other year of so for Christmas. I love them! I have all hardwood in my home and a good slipper is a must for this time of year!

9. Hobo Wallet--You guys honestly won't believe this, but I have had my Hobo wallet for TEN YEARS! Yup, the same wallet.  I remember because it was a gift for my 20th birthday! I absolutely love this wallet. I keep my most used cards in the center portion, but it has PLENTY of space for the cards I use less often.  It also has room for my checkbook (yeah, I still write some checks!) and even my phone! Plus, you can't beat the price for the quality.  Did I mention TEN YEARS?!?

10. Madewell Jeans--THESE ARE ON SALE YOU GUYS!!!!! FOR 100 BUCKS!!!! You all know my love affair with Madewell Jeans. I totally want this style this year! Hint, hint someone? anyone? I love the button detail! I feel like if you are like me and totally gift yourself a few treats this season, a good pair of Madewells is a must!

You guys can shop below or through the links! I had so much fun compiling this list for you all! It was like window shopping, but better ;) Hope it relieves a little bit of panic for anyone struggling for ideas!

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