Spring Safety

Every Spring Dan and I make a point of doing a sort of "Spring Cleaning" of our lives, where we sit down and take care of things we have otherwise neglected.  This year we are taking care of some landscaping, gutter cleaning (which really should not be neglected it turns out!), and window cleaning.  Safety has also been on my mind lately and I wanted to share with you what I'm doing to make my family safer in case of an emergency!

1. Clean Dryer Vent-- This should seriously NOT be neglected as it is a big fire risk! We have owned our home for two years and had not had it done and based on the large amount of lint built up, there is no telling when the previous owners had it cleaned. It's definitely one of those things no one *wants* to spend money on, but we are glad we did and it really was not expensive at all--ran us about $100.


2. 1st Aid Kit-- I was going for ease and convenience here! I'm sure you can put together your own for much cheaper, but ordering a ready-to-go 4 person emergency backpack for around $100 was worth it to me personally! I chose this kit here based on a combo of positive reviews and price point! We plan on keeping it upstairs in Dan's closet!


3. Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder-- I'm embarrassed to say we have lived in this house for two years and have not had an escape ladder.  But thanks to Amazon Prime, that has changed! Again, I ordered this one based on a combo of reviews and price point. 

4. Emergency Escape Tool for the car-- Again, something that I have often thought about, but never got around to buying.  I chose this one because it was a two pack and includes a seat belt cutter and window breaker. Now we will have one for both of our vehicles and we can put them in the center console in case of an emergency!

I sincerely hope that we don't have to ever use any of these products, but for a total less than $300 I feel like I have set my family up to be just a little bit safer in case of an emergency! I still have a few things I would like to add, including a dog emergency kit since we have two pups and an emergency supply of food and bottled water! I will keep you updated on my progress!

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